Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Experience

What is zen?

Zen Buddihism began almost 2.500years ago when Budda achieved enlightenment through Zen meditation in India. After that, it was handed down from India to China by Daruma. Since then,”Zen”has been established.
“Zen”which was handed down India to China, says that, “All people are born with the heart of Buddha.” It’s important to realize the beart of Buddha by Zazen and any other of his trainings. In other words, “accept yourself as you are.”

Why is zen important now?

Lately, people have been getting stressed and antsy due to Information society. We can easily contact anyone who lives abroad by using social network services. Our hearts are more connected than ever.
Steve Jobs  was an enthusiastic practioner of Zen. Apple inc.and the iphone help us express the heart of Zen. They have made it simple and efficient.
Nowadays,”Mindfulness relaxation” has been incorporated mainly in the companies in Silicon Valley. People in these companies know that taking the time for Zen is better for their creativity and productivity.

Zen Experience Plan

【Zazen Plan  3850yen for 1 and half hour】
・Samue(Monk’s working clothes)are available for rent.
・30 min.-1 hour of Zazen.
・We can enjoy green tea and sweets after the Zazen plan.

【Zazen and Shakyo plan 4400yen for 2 hours】
・Samue(Monk’s working clothes)are available for rent.
・Zazen for 30 min.
・Shakyo for 1 hour
・We can enjoy Green tea and sweets after the Zazen and Shakyo plan.

*Shakyo is the Buddhist training of copying sutras. You focus on copying sutras nicely and immerse yourself in them.

To take a look at yourself and to accept yourself go beyond racial lines and religions. Control your breathing and straighten yourself. The way without any tools is the best way for self-maintenance. You can spend the tranquil moment with the monks who practiced asceticism in the head temple.