Ceramic Art Experience

Ceramic art class at a workshop disconnected from the city

You visit a workshop where is disconnected from the city and make your own ceramics under craftsman's guidance.

A traditional technique “Yakishime” is used to finish your original ceramics.
In “Yakisime” technique, ash colors the products instead of using glaze so that even craftsman cannot predict the finished color.
Ashes add natural beautiful colors and patterns.
Let’s enjoy making your original and only one ceramics in the world.

Traditional ”Yakishime" (ceramic art, fired at high temperature)

Yakisime (One of the technique that only use firewood, and no electricity is used at all. Ash colors the products instead of using glaze in this technique.) is used to finish your ceramics. Firewood will be kept burning for three days three nights.

Ceramic art experience service plan

Experience ceramic art: ¥19800 for two hours

You visit a workshop located in a beautiful forest Kameoka city. Let’s make your own ceramics with feeling blessing of nature.
The finished products will be delivered by mail in three months.
*Venue:Workshop (It takes 1.5 hour from hotel.)
*Minimum number of participants:2 persons