Sword Fight Acting Experience

Sword fight acting experience

What is TATE?

Tate is a sword fight played in Kabuki or in historical drama.
This is just a performance, however, it looks like players are really fighting without hitting each other.
You can see sword fighting scenes in movies, on the stage, or in TV show nowadays.
Tateshi is a man who teaches actors or actresses how to use swords.
Typical and basic forms are; Yamagata (Swing sword downwards) , Yanagi (Dodge diagonally), Tenchi (Swing sword from top to bottom), Chidori (Main actor fights with many enemies and fling off alternately from side to side).

Sword-fight experience service plan

Sword-fight experience: ¥10032 for one hour (For children¥5016)

Sword-fight (TATE) experience・Replica armor try-on experience.
You can learn “How to hold and swing the swords”, try armor on, and play sword fight.
*Available to take photos or movies
*Minimum number of participants:2 persons