Kyogen Experience

Enjoy Kyogen in a temple

What is "Kyogen"?

Kyogen is classical Japanese comic theater that was established in Muromachi period (1333-1573). Kyogen is also called as “Noh-gaku” together with “Noh”. In “Noh”, actors wear masks and often perform a tragedy. On the other hands, Kyogen expresses the daily events of the ordinary people satirically and humorously without using stage set, curtains, or props.
Stories in Kyogen is unfolded through everyday conversation with exaggerated gestures.
It is easy for beginners to understand the story.
Let’s experience and enjoy a traditional theater, passed down and enjoyed by generations for more than 600 years in Japan.

Kyogen Experience with wearing a Kyogen costume in a temple

Experience genuine costumes and real venue

It is said that approx.10-year training is required to be able to wear Kyogen costumes by oneself.
In this plan, you can wear Kyogen costumes and try to play Kyogen at a reserved hall in a temple.
This experience will take you back in time to 600 years ago.

Kyogen Experience Service Plan

Kyogen experience: ¥16500 for 2 hours

You wear Kyogen costume and try to play Kyogen. This experience will take you back in time to 600 years ago.
*Venue : In a temple in Kyoto city  (40 minute away from hotel)
*Minimum number of participants:2